3064 Palo Verde Circle, Santa Rosa Valley, CA 93012 (Near Moorpark)

With crew parking at Underwood Farms, 3370 Sunset Valley Road, Moorpark, CA (in the zone)

Contact: Janet Urban 805-300-2039

We require deposit, proof of permit, insurance.

6,000 square feet house with Resort like environment.
50 foot infinity pool
2 large areas for video village
Easy access to back pool area for camera/grip/electric carts
Parking lot for up to 500 cars and trucks INSIDE the zone for crew parking.
Quiet so good for synch sound.
Friendly Next door neighbors

5 ft wide hallways – easy movement of gear
3 car garage
2 downstairs bathrooms
1 downstairs large bedroom (production)
Large rooms which can shoot from one room into next.
Formal living room.
3 fireplaces
Enormous kitchen with island
Large family room 22 x 22 feet

Formal dining room with multiple angles
4 bedrooms total.
1 massive master bedroom.
2 large bathrooms easy to shoot.
2 smaller standard bathrooms.
Can use homeowner’s furniture or dress it yourself.
Formal entry way.
Can be used as a celebrity’s house.

Owned by film industry professional.




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